Anna Behnke

Sensory Based Therapy

Individual and group programs available

220 High Street, Maitland 2320 - ph: (02) 4933 9986

Sensory Based Therapy is designed to help the child or adolescent to interpret their environment fully through their senses thus promoting independence in life
Every second of our day we all interpret our environment through our senses but some people find this a challenge

  1. They might find it difficult to keep calm and focused on an activity making it difficult to learn or develop social skills.

  2. They may be described as constantly “on the go”.

  3. They may find following instructions too hard even though their hearing has been checked.

  4.  They could be over fussy about being touched and their clothes or struggle with loud noises.

  5. They may eat very limited food diet.

  6. Activities that require concentration like writing and reading are considered ‘too hard’ and avoided at all cost.

The Sensory Clinic uses a colour system to help parents, children and supporting professionals understand and be part of the sensory based therapy. Each program is designed for the individual and has clear goals and time scales.

SensoryMove is a movement and coordination focused program

SensoryTaste focuses on individuals eating sensitivities or over eaters

SensoryListen assists auditory processing and auditory sensitivities

SensoryCalm promotes self regulatory behaviour and provides a structured sensory program

SensoryLook promotes good visual perception and visual motor (hand/eye) integration

SensoryTouch helps tactile defensive behaviour or individuals that are under responsive to touch or pain

SensoryME draws from all the programs for children or young adults with high degrees of sensory qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqprocessing difficulties and supports parents and carers in identifying and understanding their needs.

The Sensory Clinic offers effective therapy ideas for children and adolescents that are fun and challenging. With 15 clinic based years working with children and young adults, and enthusiastic teaching methods, I offer specialist advice and training on sensory based therapy and its ability to change behaviours. I am a recognised Medicare provider for EPC, GP Mental Health and Helping Children with Autism Medicare plans.